Over the last week Grade 4 went swimming. I was supposed to go there for a whole week but on Wednesday I got sick and wasn’t there for the rest of the week.

I found it hard to do Torpedo, it was still really fun though and even though I don’t really like swimming I still found it really fun.

I had so much fun there and I hope we go there again next year for swimming.



My Reflection

Today we finished a poem. I can’t remember what type it was though. It was a short poem that every word had to start with the letter you choose. It was really fun and here it is…

Crazy cats catnapping on a comfy couch.

We also had to draw a picture to go with what we had wrote. Mine was pink and purple pandas playing pat-a-cake with

puppies playing with a pink ball. I saw my friends and I loved because I thought it was amazing! Here is mine!


I Am Poem

I am polite and funny,

I wonder if I will be a vet,

I hear trees swaying,

I see myself being amazing at Kung Fu,

I want to win tattslotto,

I am polite and funny,

I pretend I’m famous,

I felt a lady bug on me,

I touch the salty water at the beach,

I worry that Isabella and I won’t be friends,

I cry when dogs die,

I am polite and funny,

I understand not everyone is the sane,

I say you should not be mean to others.




Yesterday we had our year 4 A.N.Z.A.C Wow Day, we had three mixed groups. I was in group 2 and firstly group 2 made the poppies, it was really fun and we also read a book but I cant remember what it was called. Secondly group 2 made yummy A.N.Z.A.C biscuits, it smelled so good in there. Thirdly group 2 made Slouch Hats, it was really fun because I love doing stuff when you get to make things that you can wear and sometimes I love the look.

My ANZAC Inquiry Questions

This term we are learning about ANZAC day. Today we are asking open and closed questions so that we can find out more about ANZAC Day. Here are my questions:

1. When was the first war?

2. How long did the first world war go on for?

3. How did the war stat.

4. What countries fought in the first world war?

5.Where was the first world war?

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